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I am NOT a business, nor am I selling any products or services of any type.  This is an educational and personal project, and as it is a mix of factual information and personal opinion I have absolutely NO intention to offend any individuals, any groups or any organizations, or any companies.

Please use your discretion with what you do with any information you read on here, as  though I aim to be fair and as accurate as possible, I cannot be held accountable or responsible in any way should you ever happen to suffer a loss, inconvenience or damage, while making use of information on this site.

No parts of this content (text or photos) may be used without my permission or without proper citation, whether to myself, this website, or the stated author owning said content.

If you have any copyright related issues with any of the contents on this site, please send a comment or mail (with all applicable information) and I will address any concerns or issues as soon as possible.

Names, logos, brands, books, etc, and other proprietary information mentioned or quoted on this blog are the property of respective companies/owners and are mentioned here for reference purposes only.  If you wish to have your name or photo or any reference to your companies/property/photo removed from here I will happily do so upon your request.

I am not responsible for any problems or issues related to any external website I link to on here nor am I responsible for any problems or issues related to any website linking to my own site.  Similarly, I am the sole person responsible for any content, articles, assertions, feelings, and opinions here and NOT my employer, volunteer groups, organizations, or any agencies which I might be seen to represent or be affiliated with.  I am NOT responsible for mistranslation or (mis)interpretations of content here.

Aubrie Talarico

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