New Year’s (Wine) Resolutions!

cropped-20111220bubbles.jpg2016 is upon us, and many us have made new resolutions for a new year.  And what’s better to help you with those resolutions than some Italian vino?  Here’s a guide to which Italian wine should accompany each of your resolutions this year!

New Year’s Resolution – Join a gym (or actually go to the gym you are already a member of).
Wine: Roero Arneis.  This delightful white wine from the Piedmont region is light, refreshing, and goes along with a lot of healthy and diet-friendly dishes like fish, chicken, hard cheeses, or grilled veggies.

ASSISI-ROSSONew Year’s Resolution – Save more money and/or get out of debt.
Wine: Assisi Rosso or Grechetto.  A red and white wine suggestion for channeling the thrifty powers of St. Francis of Assisi, a 12th century monk who voluntarily lived a life of poverty for spiritual reasons.  Assisi Rosso is a red fruit medley (a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot), while Grechetto is an Umbrian specialty full of peach and apple and citrus highlights.

New Year’s Resolution – Quit smoking.
Wine: Brunello di Montalcino.  This superstar of Tuscany is 100% Sangiovese and 100% delicious.  Full bodied, often with hints of tobacco or cigar box, this pricey wine will be all the smoke you need in 2016.  Plus, you’ll definitely need to make room in your budget by cutting out cigarettes to afford Brunello’s premium price tag!

lagrein-grieserNew Year’s Resolution – Get a new job.
Wine: Lagrein – Cantina Bolzano.  The Province of Bolzano in the northern region known as Sudtirol (South Tyrol) or Alto Adige has the highest employment rate in Italy.  This light and elegant red wine should therefore bring you good luck in your job hunt!

New Year’s Resolution – Go back to school.
Wine: Colli Bolognesi – La Mancina “Foriere” Barbera.  Amazing red and white wines are made in this area surrounding the city of Bologna – home to Italy’s oldest University.  This wine made entirely of the grape Barbera is a delicious study companion.  Not convinced wine goes well with study?  According to the Norwegian University of Tromsø, people who drink a few glasses of wine a week are smarter than those who don’t.  So looks like a glass of wine might help your brains retain some of your new studies after all…cheers!

New Year’s Resolution – Travel more.
Wine: Primitivo – Torcicoda Tormaresca Salento IGT.  Primitivo is a well traveled grape, having made its way between Greece, Croatia, Italy, and California (where it’s known as Zinfandel).  This plummy and spicy vino should help give you the courage to explore more of the world, just like this brave little grape has!

romaeNew Year’s Resolution – Be a better partner/significant other.
Wine:  Roma Rosso – San Marco.  Rome is where the bones of the patron Saint of love St. Valentine himself rest….I can think of no other wine area to better inspire the devoted lover inside of us all!   This Roman red wine is a blend of Montepulciano and Sangiovese, making a delightful berry and floral vino that would be great company on any romantic occasion.

[updated January 2 2016]

Aubrie Talarico

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  1. Valerie Rice says:

    Brilliant! Love this post!

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