W(h)ine & Sign: Save Lugana!

lugana-vineyardsItalian wine and Italian landscape lovers alike are working together to prevent the potential destruction of the beautiful region of Lugana, near the border of the Veneto and Lombardia regions.

Lugana DOC is home to about 1,005 hectares of vines and around 100 producers. The vast majority of its wines are made from the indigenous varietal “Turbiana” – a grape capable of producing a diverse range of white wines.

ca-lojera-winesThe issue:  Italy’s already mega-controversial train system known as “TAV” (Treni alto veloce= “High speed trains”) is planning to expand and connect more major cities.  Currently they are proposing to construct new tracks between Milan and Venice, requiring to build directly through Lugana vineyards…regardless of the fact that these cities are actually already connected by other high speed trains.  The amount of destruction to the environment in question and its wine-making area would be massive and irreparable.

What is TAV?
To understand the full story of the TAV’s long and tumultuous history,  please read “The No-TAV Struggle” linked here.

Who is opposed to TAV going through Lugana?
Thousands upon thousands of people, including Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.  There’s more than just wine at stake here as this region, a UNESCO heritage site candidate, is also home to many people whose lives would be disrupted and irreversibly changed for this project. Partly due to the inherent and widely accepted unsustainability of the TAV project.  Partly for the displacement that it would entail.   And partly from the destruction it would inevitably cause to this region’s delicate environment and industries (not only wine but also tourism- Lake Garda is the 3rd most visited spot in Italy behind Venice and Rome!)

According to the Lugana Consortium:

“The effect on the delicate ecological and environmental balance would be intolerable, especially in an age in which the importance of preserving the environment should be at the base of any decision that can reflect on future generations. […] No amount of money can possibly compensate the next generation for what they will lose.”

The Lugana Consortium continues:

“We ask the Italian Government to utilize the existing railway tracks to cross the 9 km of the Lugana area […]  Using the existing rail tracks means the high speed train will have to slow down for a few kilometers, while passing through Lugana area. We think 4 minutes of delay is an acceptable price to pay for preserving a unique terroir and an area which is under UNESCO heritage evaluation.”

What can YOU do to help save this priceless Italian (wine) region?
Sign the Save Lugana petition, for starters.  Then share it with your friends!  Help educate others by passing along this short and compelling video as well:

W(h)ining, and signing,

Aubrie Talarico


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