Veni Vidi Vino Loves: Oneglass!

oneglasswine1(Imagine the following said in that infomercial voice) Ever wished you could just stick a glass of wine in your purse or pocket and take it with you somewhere?  Do you wish there was a way to enjoy a glass of wine without having to open an entire bottle?  Tired of having to compromise on what wine to have with lunch when you and your lunch buddy can’t agree?  The solution is here:  Oneglass Wine!

An innovative Italian company has come up with a smart and modern solution to some wine drinkers’ dilemmas by introducing the single-serving wine package.  Think of it as the adult’s juice box:  100 ml of fermented grape juice that is easy to carry with you or drink at home.  The wine comes in a foil-lined plastic pouch which is also 100% recyclable and/or usable as bio-fuel.  The pouch is specially made to keep air, heat, and light from spoiling your glass-o-joy sealed inside.  You can choose from a variety of different wines including Cabernet Sauvignon Delle Venezie I.G.T, Sangiovese Toscana I.G.T, Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie I.G.T, Vermentino Toscana I.G.T, Sangria (!?), and Merlot Delle Venezie I.G.T.  The back of the pouch has the usual information typically found on Italian wine labels such as grape variety, color, aromas, suggested serving temperature and food pairing advice.  It also has illustrated instructions, which unlike IKEA instructions are fairly clear…then again it’s about the same motions as opening a ketchup packet and therefore pretty straightforward with or without instructions.

oneglasswine2Advantages of Oneglass Wine:

  • Easy to carry from home to wherever you decide you really could use a glass of wine (I won’t judge you where that might be…we’ve all been there).  If you just plan on having a glass during your lunch break, it’s hardly convenient to bring a whole bottle, or even half bottle which besides being too much wine are also breakable.
  • Prevents wasting wine if you don’t want or plan to finish a bottle.  There are ways to keep a bottle after opening it, but for the occasional wine-sippers who might have say, a glass a week, a Oneglass is a less wasteful and cheaper option.
  • According to Oneglass, 100 ml is the correct serving amount to stay within legal limits for driving.  They duly note that this is of course the correct amount “in those countries where drinking and driving is allowed”.  It’s important to also consider that those BAC limits vary, often by a lot, from country to country.  And don’t forget the other variables that must be considered in determining if you are OK to drive: height, weight, sex, abv, and if you’ve eaten.
  • You and your lunch/dinner buddies and/or significant others can drink different types of wine with your meals.  No more roshambo!

The Oneglass Wine concept certainly loses its practicality if you plan on having more than one glass and/or if you crave a wine not served in the pouch-form (yet), eg: bubblies like Prosecco or prestigious wines like Barolo or Amarone.  And despite the Oneglass Wine pouch’s convenience, it still can’t keep you from getting in legal trouble, say in the USA, where “open container laws” are blind to container shape and form.

Those few exceptions aside, I think it’s a really fun idea, and offers a good alternative to very light drinkers who rarely drink enough to merit opening an entire bottle.  What do you think?

Aubrie Talarico



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