Quiz: Which Italian Wine Are You?

Which Italian wine are you?  Take this quiz to find out!

1. When you are at a party you:
A. Arrive late, everyone is glad that you came regardless if you came on-time.
B. Show up with an awesome appetizer you picked up from a shop along the way.
C. Don’t immediately talk to a lot of people but as the night goes on you have exchanged numbers with everyone.
D. Stay close to the person you came with…you don’t really like having to meet a lot of new people.

2. The perfect vacation is:
A. Wine tasting through Piedmont or Tuscany and splurging on decades old wines and cheeses along the way.
B. Somewhere tropical, on the beach, where you can sip on fruity cocktails all day and skinny dip by night.
C. Staying at a farmhouse/B&B where you can wake up at the break of dawn every morning and take in views of rolling hills and grazing animals.
D. In a quietish hotel in a city center where you can easily walk to the city’s sites and museums.

3. What’s your biggest vice?
A. Cigars, expensive suits, and maybe gentlemanly effects
B. Organic foods, nights bar-hopping with close friends, and coconut gelato.
C. Coffee
D. Books/records

4. Your ideal birthday is:
A. Spent at a nice restaurant with close friends…no expense spared!
B. Eating out somewhere different with close buddies, like fusion food, or else relaxing in a spa covered in papaya massage oil.
C. Late dinner anywhere, late night dancing, no-regrets brunch with bottomless coffee and mimosa’s the next day.
D. Dinner and a movie with a significant other or best friend…nothing big.

5. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
A. An owl.
B. A peacock.
C. A tiger.
D. A cat.

6. Your personal motto is most like:

A. “Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.”
B. “Be like the sun and you shall warm the earth.”
C. “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying.”
D. “Life is short, eat dessert first.”

7. You sometimes have nightmares of:
A. Having an iron burn on your shirt while meeting someone important.
B. Breaking your diet and relapsing into smoking.
C. Your car brakes failing when you are driving somewhere.
D. Being naked somewhere public

8. Do you believe in love at first sight?
A. Of course not…love needs time to develop and mature!
B. Yes….at least, I hope so!
C. I believe in lust at first sight, if that’s what you mean.
D. Maybe…but I’d be too shy to react.

9. It’s movie-night! What’s on?

A. Something long and requiring reading subtitles.
B. Probably a funny adventure, of some sort.
C. Something I’ve seen a million times already…probably a western or Die Hard.
D. A romantic comedy…or period drama.

10. You talk on the phone:
A. Rarely….only if someone important calls.
B. Often, especially to my mom or dad.
C. I’m too ADD for calls, but I text people non-stop.
D. Hardly ever…I prefer speaking to people in person.

Mostly A’s You got: Barolo!  You’re well-mannered and refined and because you’re never in a rush, you teach others to be patient.  Everyone knows you or wants to know you.  You are confident and why shouldn’t you be?  – Inside your jacket pocket you’ve got a fine cigar and a dried rose.  You like to spend your spare time catching up on reading, pondering art in museums, or studying something new.  On occasion new friends might mistake your accent and wonder if you are French….such elegance and class!  But no way, you are Italian through and through.

Mostly B’s You got:  Ribolla Gialla!  You’re known to wear gold, whether it’s the subtle bling of golden cuff links or gold nail polish and a shimmery golden dress.  You are unique and those that meet you recognize you have a special charm.  You love cooking and baking and cocktail-making. If you could pick anywhere to spend the rest of your life, it’d be on an exotic beach, under the shade of palm trees.  You have great self-control so you don’t overindulge but your favourite gelato flavours include mango, papaya, and almond.

Mostly C’s You got: Taurasi!  You’re a lively one, full of energy, and have no qualms dabbling in things like fine cigars and never-ending refills of coffee.  You’re polite and friendly, and even if you are not the center of the party initially, people tend to gravitate towards you.  You enjoy the outdoors, especially long walks through the forest.  You would prefer staying at an agriturismo in the Campania countryside rather than a fancy hotel any day of the week.

Mostly D’s You got: Gavi!  You are calm, quiet, and sometimes shy.  In the right context and with those you are comfortable around, you really let people see your personality- you’re all fruit and flowers, not a loud carnivore by any means.  You dream of having a country house with an apple and almond orchard.  Your subtle nature and quiet demeanor come from a balanced spirit and by no means a lack of confidence….and why not: you understand that you don’t have to shout to be heard!

Mostly Everything (no majority of A, B, C, or D answers)  You got: Chianti!  Sometimes you are easy-going, and sometimes you need some time for people to warm up to you.  You are a mix of centuries of traditions and new modern edge and personality.  Sometimes you feel fancy and want a florentine steak, and other times you would rather stain your t-shirt with pappa al pomodoro (stale bread and tomato soup).  At times you crave adventure and new foods, places, and people.  And other times you prefer to stick to people and places you know and the best/worst comfort foods your hometown can offer.  In short, you understand that flexibility is essential, and it’s a good thing too- you never were one to choose sides and commit easily!

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