Happy Valentine’s Day


No one will let you forget it, myself included it seems: Valentine’s Day is upon us! 

Some may argue that the holiday has been ravaged beyond recognition by marketing in order to sell us flowers, chocolate, and dinner-dates, and they may be right.  However I make mention of the holiday because I’m sending you Valentine wishes from the very city where the legendary man lived and died, and where his flower-adorned skull sits on display!  Historical records are spotty, but the man we know as St. Valentine was probably a priest in the 3rd century AD in Rome.  His association with love and romance comes from his involvement in secretly marrying Christian couples (an illegal act during this particular period which would later likely lead to his execution).  So today, VeniVidiVinoItaly tips its proverbial hat to a man that aided couples in love.

Here’s wishing that all of us are fortunate enough to have friends, family, pets, and of course lovers in our lives, who we can share a special February 14th bottle of vino with. 

Aubrie Talarico

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