Veni Vidi Vino Loves: Double-Hinged Corkscrews

Image(Two variations of The “Waiter’s Corkscrew”.  On Left: Classic single-hinged corkscrew,  On Right: Double-hinged corkscrew)

The market is filled with corkscrews of all types, ranging from your basic guy (on the left in the picture above) to futuristic gadgets that more or less open the bottle for you (not pictured, I’m not that fancy when it comes to my corkscrews).  I think the cheapest and most practical corkscrew is the double-hinged version of the classic “waiter’s” corkscrew (on the right in the picture).  It’s such a seemingly simple variation on the traditional pocket-sized corkscrew, yet it really makes the process much easier. One hinge stays firmly gripped on the lip of the bottle while the other provides the leverage…and pop!  It’s that smooth, and without expensive bells and whistles some fancier openers might have. Did I mention they’re extremely inexpensive, usually costing just a few bucks??

Who should switch to a double-hinged corkscrew? 

  • People who find themselves struggling to open bottles (whether closed with synthetic cork, real cork, or any variation in between)
  • People who have trouble with the single metal hinge style “slipping” off the lip of the bottle while trying to pull out a cork
  • People who have trouble with corks ripping, breaking, or crumbling apart when trying to get them out with the classic single-hinge corkscrew
  • People who just plain find the single-hinged corkscrew kills their hand and makes them break a sweat to uncork a bottle!
  • People who want a smaller more portable opener, compared to other corkscrews (for example the winged type)

May your frustrating bottle opening experiences be a thing of the wine-stained past!

Aubrie Talarico


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2 Responses to Veni Vidi Vino Loves: Double-Hinged Corkscrews

  1. redstuffdan says:

    I love this post, maybe because l have a fetish for corkscrews but l think it has more to do with your original text and beautiful photographs. We love your blog and will follow with anticipation.



  2. Thanks! Wine and wine paraphernalia is my favourite photo subject…next to my cat of course! I look forward to seeing your next works of art!

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