In the News: Italian Origins of French Wine-making


Italian Wine VS French Wine…FIGHT! 

This is an article published June 4th about some recent archaeological evidence discovered in France which further confirms the idea that “[France] learnt the art of winemaking from their Italian neighbours and their first vines were imported from Tuscany. ”  Read the whole article here on The AustralianFrench find their wine’s Italian.

If you’ve read my Italian Wine History entry you already know how and from who and when wine-making appeared in the Italian peninsula…if not, go take  look to get some background on wine history!

I hadn’t mentioned France much in that Italian wine history article, mostly because it was unsurprisingly focused on Italian wine history but also if you read Italy’s history with wine it kinda goes without saying that wine-making was introduced to the modern-day French area by the Etruscans and Roman Empire.

That being said, because modern-day French wine is arguably the most prestigious in the world, with such stars as Bordeaux and Champagne, it might be hard for some people to imagine that the French didn’t start it all right there themselves on their own!

So what does this all mean??
Nothing, really. It’s just historical fun and unintentionally fuel to the French/Italian cold war of Who’s got the best cheese/food/wine? And anyways, if we want to get really historically biased, neither Italy or France can lay claim to “inventors” of wine!  So while this amazing discovery is definitely interesting, it really doesn’t change anything in France or Italy’s wines as we know them today…it merely changes how we understand them and how they came to be this way!

Aubrie Talarico

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