Cantine Aperte 2013 – Wine Tastin’ in Umbria!


This past weekend was the last weekend in May, celebrated all throughout The Boot as “Cantine Aperte” (=open wine cellars), a weekend in which numerous participating wineries open their doors and invite everyone and anyone inside!  Whether it’s from the barrels or the bottles, wine-sling-sportin wine-lovers can run amuck gulping down tastes, sometimes free, of quality wines.  The event has numerous websites dedicated to giving out all necessary info on Wineries to visit and there is even a free downloadable App with maps and driving directions.

This year we spent the 21st edition of Cantine Aperte in Umbria with John and Emily of ViniCultural Tours.  Umbria’s rolling green hills and picturesque hill-top ancient cities like Orvieto painted the scene as we explored cellars, vines, and numerous glasses of both characteristic and out of the ordinary Umbrian wines.  Among the wines typical to the region were Orvieto Classico Superiore (click the link to see an Orvieto Classico DOC Tasty Note, a similar wine though different winery and not a “superiore”) and some impressively refreshing Grechetto wines.  Among the less usual were a Grechetto + Sauvignon Blanc blend (Castello di Corbara), and an orange-colored Pinot Grigio (Palazzone).  Honorable mentions are a mouth-watering Viognier and a Sangiovese + Cabernet Sauvignon blend, both by Palazzone.

But alas: so much wine, so little time.  Counting down until next year’s edition!

Aubrie Talarico

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