Wine Quotes – Thomas Jefferson


“Good wine, is a daily necessity for me.”

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson, founding father and third president of America, was an avid wine connoisseur? During his first term as president he spent $25,000 (or the equivalent of $75,000 today) of his income on importing wine from Europe! He actually spent 50 years (and went deep into a financial debt he never managed to get out of) on his quest to find a way to make good wine in America, a feat which no one had been able to manage during all the years of Colonization and up to that period. He even befriended an Italian named Philip Mazzei, a Tuscan wine-maker, who he enlisted to help him.
Despite all the years, effort, and enormous expense, Jefferson like all the others before him, never did manage to find a way to make decent wine in America.

Aubrie Talarico

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