Tasty Note: Sot lis Rivis, Pinot Grigio 2011


Allow me to introduce both my cat, photobomber extraordinaire “Mini Panther”, and this very interesting Pinot Grigio by Ronco del Gelso.

Pinot Grigio, identical to the French Pinot Gris (genetically the same though wine styles differ), are by now pretty well-known around the world for being an easy, crisp, clean white wine.  “Pinot Gris” wines tend to be weightier and more powerful or part of highly regarded blends of very different wines such as the Alsace’s Vendage Tardive (late harvest) or SĂ©lection de Grains Nobles (grapes with Botrytis “noble rot”).  Italian Pinot Grigio style wines are usually harvested earlier than later to make sure they have that biting high acidity desired for this particular PG approach.

This particular wine, Ronco del Gelso’s Sot Lis Rivis 2011, scored high with some important critics like Italy’s Gambero Rosso (2 red glasses, meaning it was seriously considered for the rating of “extraordinary” 3 out of 3 glasses!).

This Bottle’s details:
Winery: Ronco del Gelso
Denomination: Friuli Isonzo DOC
Grape Type: 100% Pinot Grigio
Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Northeast Italy
Vintage: 2011
Alcohol by Volume: 14%
Harvest: not specified BUT I read that they didn’t harvest early as is the case in other Pinot Grigios, which helps to explain such a high alcohol content.
Maturation: in oak barrels for 12 months

My Notes!
This wine is surprisingly different than other Pinot Grigio’s you may have had. Its medium near golden lemon color warns you that it’s not going to be totally gentle. On the nose there are typical aromas of lemon citrus, white peach, apple, even ripe pear. The taste is a lot more aggressive, than you might have imagined from the nose. The acidity is sky high, and the taste is full of peach, blossom, citrus, and even apple cider. There’s an aftertaste of bitter almond. The alcohol isn’t necessarily overpowering but it was approaching being too much, in my opinion. This is overall an impressive Pinot Grigio, because it’s well made, and particular, though it wasn’t as light and easy as some other Italian style Pinot G’s might be.

Food Pairing Ideas:

This wine is surprisingly fuller than you might expect from a PG so I think it’d go well with fried appetizers, fish (even a heavier salmon or tuna steak), chicken dishes, and even something like porkchops. If you like spicy foods, this would really enhance the burn! If you don’t like too much spice, avoid pairing this with spicy foods. This probably isn’t a good thing to drink with sweeter foods like fruit or dessert.

Bottoms up!
Aubrie Talarico

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