What’s in a Label? with De Faveri, Swarovski, and Prosecco!


Bubbly wine has long been associated with celebration and hence a popular gift choice for special occasions, whether it’s a graduation, birthday, or anniversary.  But some people feel overwhelmed by the sparkly aisle…what bottle is the right one?  What will people think when they see this label…that I’m wine-savvy or that I’m cheap??

Italian Prosecco producer De Faveri has teamed up with Austrian luxury crystal company Swarovski in order to alleviate this gift-buyer’s dilemma.   They have released a special line of their wines, from Rose’ to Prosecco, which have personalized messages written in crystals on the label.  The labels range from pre-made messages like “Ti Amo” (I Love You) and “Auguri di Buon Compleanno” (Happy Birthday), to totally customized with people’s names for special occasions like weddings and births!

Wine label purists might argue that personalized bottle labels are vulgar and cheap-seeming.  Traditionalists may prefer the classic label and the prestige that comes along with some of them (and choosing the ” right” one for that matter).  But others could say this is a fun way for some consumers to avoid staring blankly at the bottles in the sparkly aisle, unsure what the right bottle to chose for their occasion must be.

What do YOU think?

Aubrie Talarico



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4 Responses to What’s in a Label? with De Faveri, Swarovski, and Prosecco!

  1. I’m generally a traditionalist about these sorts of things myself but anything that gets folks to try something new–to include trying prosecco instead of its more expensive and well known competitors–is a good thing.

  2. Good point, except that I think the type of bubbly you can get may depend on where you are, since it appears that other versions of the Swarovski website offer different “gift” ideas (different bubbly). So in the end it might not mean that people who don’t normally drink Prosecco will see that option very easily… On the Italian site they do offer the Italian version of traditional method sparkling wine, Franciacorta, …which seems to be gaining popularity in Italy nowadays!

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