Fun with: Italian Wine Proverbs

Proverbs tend to use elements from life that most people from a culture can relate to.  Hence why so many Italian proverbs talk about wine. Here are a few just for funsies!

Nella botte piccola, c’è il vino buono
Literally= In small barrels, there’s good wine.
Means: Good things come in small packages.

Non si può avere la botte piena, e la moglie ubriaca
Literally= One can’t have a full barrel and a drunk wife.
Means: You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

In vino veritas or La verita’ è nel vino
Literally= In wine there’s truth.
Means: Wine makes people tell the truth 😉

Il vino è il latte dei vecchi.
Literally= Wine is the milk of the old.
Means: Wine to the old as milk is to babies.

Amici e vino vogliono essere vecchi.
Literally= Friends and wine they want to be old.
Means: Old friends, like old wine, are best.

L’acqua fa male e il vino fa cantare.
Literally= Water hurts and wine makes you sing.
Means: This is an interesting one because one might argue there are different meanings here. First of all, it might be a joke about social interaction, namely that wine tends to make people lively and “sing” and water might just keep people quiet. On the other hand, historically water was actually dangerous alone, but safe to drink when mixed with wine!

Se il vino bevuto alla sera ti farà male, ribevilo al mattino dopo e ti farà da medicina
Literally= If the wine drank at night makes you sick, drink it again in the morning and it’ll make you better.
Means: Hair of the dog that bit you. In other words, some say the best cure for a mild hangover is a small “dose” of the beverage that you overindulged in.

Un buon vino, un buon uomo e una bella donna dura poco.
Literally= Good wine, a good man, and a good woman, don’t last long.
Means: Good things don’t last forever.

Il buon vino non vuole frasca.
Literally= Good wine needs no branch/bush.
Means: Good wine (or good things in general) need little advertisement.

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