Tasty Note: “Dionisio” Greco di Tufo 2010

2013-03-22 18.52.13

Greco, a respected and ancient white grape variety native to the Campania region, has a number of “clones“.  “Greco di Tufo” is one of these clones, and our main star in this particular bottle.

This bottle’s important (but potentially boring to some of you) details:

The Wine: “Dionisio” Greco di Tufo
Vintage (=year): 2010
Producer: La Molara
Classified: DOCG (Denominazioe di Origine Controllata e Garantita)
I Paid: 8.50 Euros
Grape: Greco 100%
Region/Location: Campania, Avellino
A.B.V (Alcohol by Volume): 13%
Harvest time: second part of October
Soil: Tufa
Aged:  5 months in steel, 1 month in bottle
Recommended Serving Temperature: 8-10 degrees Celsius, well chilled.  But honestly, I’d drink this even slightly chilled….it’s great!

My Tasting Notes:
This Greco di Tufo is an exceptionally bright and sunny medium lemon color…it practically glows in the glass.  On the nose you get a mix of apple, lemon citrus, wet stone, white blossom, honey, honeydew melon, and a hint of asparagus (sounds weird, but it’s there!).  On the palate it offers a nice balance of flavors, ranging from lemon and cantaloupe, to banana and almonds.  The mouthfeel is surprisingly opulent, soft and reminiscent of olive oil.  The lingering flavors are mostly almonds and olive oil.

The Verdict:  This is a very good wine.  It’s well-made, balanced, has enough complexity to keep you interested after the first few sips, and very good value for the cost.  This is ready to drink now, and not meant to hold onto for much longer.

This would go well with foods like: risottos (rice dishes), mild cheeses, citrus or cream based pasta plates, pesto, fried appetizers, fish, and lighter chicken main dishes.  I’d avoid spicy plates if (and only if) you don’t like spice, because the alcohol content of this guy will increase the burn!

Aubrie Talarico

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