About Veni Vidi Vino Italy


Veni Vidi Vino Italy is about exploring the wines, grapes, and wine culture of Italy.

This is not about wine-snobbery.

This is for anyone, experts or just avid drinkers are all welcome.

This is not about making unhelpful claims about THIS country having better wine than THAT country (because it’s a pointless argument and I’ll never choose sides).

This is a place to think about what we drink, but mostly: drink and enjoy. 

Who am I? Aubrie Talarico is an American/Italian Expat, accredited Wine Specialist, living and working in Rome for the better part of a decade.  This blog is a personal project but she collaborates in specialized tourism with ViniCulturalTours and LivItaly Tours LLC.

I apologize in advance for any foul language….

Raise your glasses!


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